ALPLA and FROMM cooperate with PET recycling

Source: Steffen Mainka

The packaging solutions specialists ALPLA (Austria) and FROMM (Switzerland) have agreed to cooperate with PET recycling. Both companies operate plants that recycle PET bottles and thus ensure that their own production facilities are supplied with raw materials.

The aim of the cooperation between ALPLA and FROMM is to further optimise the already high recycling rates for PET and achieve a significant reduction in CO2 emissions by reducing transportation distances. The partners will gain further advantages such as simplified access to the markets in the respective countries.

"There is a good fit between the requirements of our production operations: at ALPLA we mainly need clear regranulate that is food safe. Fromm processes coloured flakes for strapping," explains Georg Lässer, Head of Corporate Recycling Services at ALPLA. "Cooperation between our recycling operations will ensure that both companies will have the quantity and quality of the raw materials for production."

"The three recycling facilities are integrated in different procurement markets and are an ideal match when it comes to purchasing raw materials," emphasises Reinhard Fromm, owner of the family-managed FROMM Group.

Partners with complementary interests
The facilities of PET Recycling Team in Wöllersdorf (Austria) and Radomsko (Poland) are part of the ALPLA Group. These recycling operations have an annual capacity of approx. 45,000 tonnes of food-safe rPET from post-consumer material.

The PET recycling company Texplast in Wolfen (Germany) has been a subsidiary of FROMM Plastics GmbH since 2004. Texplast produces PET regranulate and PET flakes. FROMM uses these to produce strapping itself but the company also supplies manufacturers of drink bottles, thermoforming sheets and fibres.

The contracting partners have agreed to keep the details of the cooperation confidential. It is intended to examine other opportunities for cooperating.

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About ALPLA:
ALPLA is one of the leading companies in the field of plastic packaging. Around 19,300 employees based at 176 sites in 45 countries worldwide produce bespoke packaging systems, bottles, fasteners and injection-moulded parts. Quality packaging can be used in many very different areas: Foodstuffs and beverages, cosmetics and care products, household cleaners, washing and cleaning agents, engine oil and lubricants. ALPLA operates its own recycling plants: PET Recycling Team with two sites in Austria and Poland and in Mexico and Germany as part of joint ventures. In 2015 ALPLA celebrated 60 years in business.

About FROMM & Texplast:
The FROMM Group is an international company supplying systems for securing transported goods and has been in business for over 70 years. More than 1,200 employees develop, produce and distribute bespoke packaging solutions for customers via around 40 companies on six continents. FROMM has production sites in Italy, Germany, the USA, Thailand, Chile and Slovakia. Texplast GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of FROMM Plastics GmbH in Kölleda. With nearly a hundred employees, the company has an input capacity of over 50,000 tonnes of bottles a year, making it one of the leading recyclers of PET and, in particular used drink bottles, in western Europe. Texplast manufactures flakes for applications in the plastics industry and regranulate to manufacture packaging for foodstuffs. FROMM specialises in strapping, air-cushion packaging and stretch films including the associated machines and devices.

Photo source: Steffen Mainka