Closed loop

  • Collecting/transporting: As a certified specialist waste disposal operator, we have the equipment and expertise to transport the PET waste from where it is produced to our recycling plant in a (legally) compliant way.
  • Sorting: Separation of foreign matter such as sacks, cans and other contaminants. The next step involves fully automatic colour sorting according to coloured and clear bottles.
  • Shredding: Shredding bottles with a diameter of approx. 10 mm
  • Washing: Any residues still stuck to the PET flakes are removed during the washing process. The washed PET flakes are then dried and filled in big bags or silos.
  • PET flakes: After the recycling process the PET flakes produced can be used directly for producing other products. Our parent company, FROMM Plastics GmbH in Kölleda, uses the coloured PET flakes to manufacture strapping for packaging. Our PET flakes can, however, also be used for other products such as thermoforming sheets or fleece products for the garments industry.
  • PET regranulate: Our food-safe plastics, which are produced with the aid of the VACUREMA method, are especially suitable for use in the food industry. It meets all the requirements of the regulation (EC) No. 282/2008 and is used to manufacture packaging for foodstuffs but in particular new PET bottles. The "bottle-to-bottle" loop is thus closed.