PET regranulate


This product is crystalline PET regranulate that has been produced exclusively out of PET bottles from the beverages sector collected using bottles from deposit refunds in Germany. Before the decontamination/regranulation process, the sorted bottles are processed into clean flakes all of the same type.

An appropriate percentage of this PET regranulate can be used as a substitute for (new) PET granulate

It is suitable for uses such as the manufacture of containers for carbonated beverages, mineral water and the production of thermoforming sheets.

Typical characteristicsValueMethod
Physical statuscrystalline 
Intrinsic viscosity (IV value)0,80 +/- 0,02 dl / gAA-Q-015 (MFI)
Acetaldehydemax. 3 ppmAA-Q-020-024 (GC)
Colour b*max. + 2,0AA-Q-019 (CIE-Lab)
Apparent densityca. 800 kg / m³AA-Q-011
Weight of 100 pelletsca. 1,8 gAA-Q-032
Proportion of dustmax. 0,1 %AA-Q-013
Moisturemax. 0,4 %AA-Q-014
The test methods listed are documented in Texplast GmbH's QM system. More detailed information is available upon request.
1. Big bags (1.50 m high) on one-way pallets
2. Delivery in bulk transporter possible