PET flakes, clear

The base material for this product is provided by post-consumer PET bottles from deposit refunds by traders or the drinks industry.

These bottles undergo a treatment process (sorting, shredding, hot washing) and cleaning agents are used. Product quality is checked using internal processes. These are documented in Texplast GmbH's QM system.

These flakes are not suitable for direct use as defined by the regulation (EC) No. 282/2008.





Granular size

> 10 mm max. 5 %

Bulk density

min. 250 kg/m³

Residual moisture

max. 1 %

Dust content (<0,5 mm)

max. 0,5 %


Polyolefine (PE/PP)max. 30 ppm
PVCmax. 20 ppm
PAmax. 50 ppm
Paper/labelsmax. 50 ppm
Metalmax. 10 ppm
Miscellaneousmax. 100 ppm
PET, coloured (except light blue)max. 1.500 ppm
PET, light bluemax. 15 %
1. Big bags (2.40 m high) on one-way pallets (weight per big bag approx. 1,000 kg)
2. Delivery in bulk transporter possible